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Training Approach

In the words of Aristotle: "He who dares to teach must never cease to learn."

JM Literacy Consulting is professional development for change! If what we teach in a training doesn't affect the teaching in a participant's classroom then it doesn't impact student achievement. JM Literacy Consulting is about changing teachers in order to impact students!

**Please note that a presentation can be designed specifically to meet any and all needs that your district may have**

As administrators consider the option of differentiated professional development for their school, they are often concerned with the cost. Our approach to a fee schedule is flexible. Through a no-cost consultation via phone, email or in-person, we can tailor a number of proposals with varying options based on the professional development budget of that particular school.

Our fee is based on:

  • Number of days in the visit
  • Demands of the preparation
  • Level of follow-up with teachers and students

  • Our training approach includes:

    Guided Reading    Learn More
    Small group instruction is effective because teaching focuses precisely on what the students need to learn next to move forward. JM Literacy Consulting can help teachers provide the most effective instruction possible and to match the difficulty of the material with the student's current abilities. When working with a classroom of twenty plus students, it is impossible to select texts that will "fit them all." Staff development might include the "basics" of guided reading explicit instruction with follow-up in the classroom.

    Assessment of Guided Reading: Running Records and MSV
    Do your teachers need training on how to use authentic and formative assessment at the Guided Reading table? This training will assist teachers in learning how to take a Running Record and analyze it for a reader's use of Meaning, Syntax, and Visual information. In addition to knowing how to analyze, this training will assist teachers in how to PLAN for teaching at the Guided Reading table. This is a powerful training full of information that all teachers who work with K-5 readers should know.

    Reading Workshop    Learn More
    This session is designed to help teachers understand the power of the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model of teaching. Including read-alouds, shared reading, guided reading and an independent reading workshop. Participants will learn how to use all of these methods in their elementary classroom to create lifelong readers.

    Writing Workshop
    JM Literacy Consulting can help teachers implement the Writing Workshop. Is Writing Workshop the only way to teach writing? Of course not. A sampling from different school districts will show a varity of approaches and programs. None of them match the Writing Workshop when it comes to growing strong writers. Teaching kids how to write is hard. That's because writing is not so much one skill as a bundle of skills that includes sequencing, spelling, rereading, and supporting big ideas with examples. But these skills are teachable. And we believe that a Writing Workshop creates an environment where students can aquire these skills, along with the fluency, confidence, and desire to see themselves as writers.

    Writing Workshop Institute (Two Day Training)
    This training goes in depth over two days (more days can be included and stretched across a school year) with participants on the topic of Writing Workshop. Writing Workshop is a powerful method of teaching writers while still providing powerful time for students to differentiate their teaching through conferences. Participants will be immersed in the workshop model and will spend time building their very own Writer's Notebooks and reading research related to best practice writing instruction. This training is not just talking about Writing Workshop, but goes in depth enough so teachers will know how to use Writing Workshop in their own classrooms.

    Classroom Design
    We also offer step-by-step processes for how to set up a classroom to maximize space (and ultimately, time). We help teachers look at essential spaces, essential furniture, and making a classroom "student-centered," rather than teacher-centered. Practical ideas teachers can use immediately are shared. If the training is held in a school setting, we can often model the process of how to set up a classroom in the training using one of the rooms at your school.

    And MANY more!

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle

    JM Literacy Consulting, P. O. Box 5665, Kingwood, TX 77325       Jan Morris 281-701-1433 - Jenny McDaniel 281-299-2682

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